Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


"I have a few nice pieces of tennis jewelry, but really had to hunt for them over the years... 

I am a senior player and have even been to Nationals twice and have
never seen anything this nice to buy!"

-Diane, IN

"You have made my Valentine's day choice really easy and your designs are awesome!"

-Michael, VA

"Love the necklace – Thank you!!" 
-Shelly, OH

"I love love love your collections!! These will be my go-to captains gifts from now on."

-Marlo, TX 


  "Thank you so much for designing such beautiful jewelry that articulates how we all feel about this most perfect sport." 

-Caroline, NC 



"I purchased the mini- tennis ball earrings and LOVE them. I plan on getting a second pair and probably one pair of the regular size as well."

-Kathie, Washington DC 



"Love your jewelry!!! Thanks for making something that I am more than proud to wear."

-Nichole, Sweden 



"My husband got me a Court Icon Necklace and I LOVE it!"

-Deanna, MI 


"My daughter is an avid tennis player and fan and will LOVE this gift! Thank you again and happy holidays!" 

-Jocelyn, MA

"My wife loved the earrings and necklace I bought her for our 25th wedding anniversary! Thank you."

-Greg, IN