Product Care

Each piece from Love by Hazel is made with Sterling Silver.

Silver is a precious metal, but is also a very soft metal and therefore it is often mixed with another metal or alloy, usually copper to make it more durable.  This is true of Sterling Silver which is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.  While the addition of copper is necessary to add support to the silver, it is also responsible for the tarnishing of sterling silver.  It is important to recognize that this is not a defect in the jewelry, but a result of the oxidation of the copper. 

Oxidation Can Be a Result Of:

🎾 External pollutants like humidity, chlorine, and airborne chemicals

🎾 Beauty products such as lotions, perfumes, makeup, and hair product

🎾 Certain materials such as wool, runner, or latex gloves

🎾 Other metals (Other metals in your jewelry box)

The best way to care for your sterling silver jewelry is to follow these simple rules:

🎾 Always remove your jewelry at the end of the day and gently wipe it with a silver polishing cloth.

🎾 Do not use harsh chemicals and cleaning kits on silver as this can corrode the metal; instead just use a silver polishing cloth.

🎾 Store  your jewelry in a cool dark place in an airtight container and not touching other metals in your jewelry box. You may want to try wrapping it in anti-tarnish tissue paper.

🎾 Do not wear your jewelry in the shower and make sure your lotions/products are dry before putting it back on.

🎾 Do not wear your jewelry in hot tub, pool, or any chemically treated water.

🎾 Do not wear your jewelry when cleaning the house.

🎾 Have your jewelry cleaned once or twice a year by a professional jeweler.